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Nubitek Falcon is a SCADA web service oriented to monitoring and remote controlling of devices and stations.

  • It collects real-time information from all remote stations via GPRS communication.
  • It stores the information in the online platform in an orderly, flexible and secure way.
  • Users can access to their own project via the Internet, from any computer with a custom user profile.

Unlike traditional SCADA, Nubitek Falcon is built 100% on new technologies. The modern high-performance platform delivers powerful functionality in communications projects with multiple stations and users.

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Nubitek Falcon

Advantages of a SCADA WEB Service

SaaS applications (Software as a Service) are becoming the smarter choice to save development costs and gain operational and maintenance advantages. Integrate your devices or stations in Nubitek Falcon has many advantages:

  • The user application and the development environment are always online, it provides total access flexibility.
  • The initial investment is minimal and the implementation is extrashort (in time, cost and problems).
  • The system is highly scalable, investment will only grow as new stations are connected.
  • The application is always updated and receives professional maintenance (high availability, backups, technical support).
  • The platform offers many standard features (curves, reports, historical tables, etc) but supports the inclusion of any customized tool.

Nubitek SMS Manager

The best library in the market to send and receive SMS messages from a S7-200. Perfect for receiving alarms, doing status queries and operating remotely from the mobile.

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Free utilities for S7-200

Alarm management, date and time operations, mathematical functions, etc. The free libraries Nubitek Free Utils make easier S7-200 programming.

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What makes Nubitek different?

Nubitek libraries for the S7-200 can be freely downloaded.

Download > Test > Buy

You may integrate them into STEP7-MicroWIN and test everything you need before buying the license. See how easy to use they are!

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Commitment and service

Nubitek technical support is at your disposal:
  • Valuing the technical viability of your idea.
  • Advising you in the design of your project.
  • Solving your problems during development.
  • Responding to your questions during the startup phase.
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